Wakako Tokunaga Architecture

We believe in the power of design; our enduring goal is to nourish people’s lives by providing beautiful living spaces. 

Nature:   In each of our works, we strive to bring the beauty of the outdoors inside to the fullest.  At the beginning of each project, we spend a great deal of time on the site to discover what it offers, and incorporate those natural features into the homes we create.

Simplicity:   We believe that the essential quality of a space is revealed through a simple yet carefully considered design with attention to detail.  This approach is achieved through conceptual clarity, a clear organization of function, and the elimination of excess. The calm of poetic spaces can revitalize the soul and provide a haven away from busy daily life.

Functionality:  Functionality is the vehicle and the prime focus during our creative process.  Truly beautiful homes are places that honor and support the rituals of daily life, and we believe a good home is functional, practical and easy to use and maintain. We understand that these details of daily life matter, and embed functionality into our designs.  We believe that functional spaces transform a home into a place where the art of living is celebrated.

Sustainability:   We strive to design and build in balance with the natural environment. We carefully situate the building on the site, lay out the functions and place windows in order to take full advantage of the solar orientation, topography and vegetation of the site. We also take a green approach through conscientious use of energy efficient building systems and sustainable products and finishes.


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